With prism

from communication to action

from communication
to action


The quality of our prism
determine the quality of our relationships,
determine the quality of our missions,
witch shapes the quality of our lives.

PRISM is creating communication operations that prioritize relationships and people.

We create mediation, space, and energy that, through a prism, reconcile the crossroads between organizational excellence, relationships, and a better world. Because we prioritize the construction of meaningful relationships above everything, we're able to catalyze  communication operation and strategies ultimately leading you to meet individuals in environments that bring you closer together while unlocking new levels of performance.


Our Inaugural Prism : A self-service refrigerator network to combat food waste in Geneva, Switzerland 🇨🇭.

PRISM 00 Free-Go

PRISM 01 Soon


believe in human approach
to achieve authentic result
and high performance.

Who’s going to talk about marketing, brand identity, and social community management at the end of their lives ?

"Communication has meaning only in relationships and without understanding relationships, communication on any level will only breed conflict. The understanding of relationships is infinitely more important than the search for any plan of communication"

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Trace your Prism, make your mark.

High-value communication came along with concrete action. We conceptualize and develop a strategy that translates communication operations into a tangible framework (a PRISM), fostering a convergence of business excellence, personal growth, authentic relationships, partnerships, and a commitment to a better world. Our comprehensive approach commences with a minimum 2-week spectrogram audit and introspection to better understand your environnement, guiding our collaborative path forward. Subsequently, we proceed with The Candela phase and The Catalyst phase, culminating in the creation of your personalized Prism.
Substance that increases the speed of a reaction without appearing to participate in the reaction
A community manager is good,
but a catalyser is better.

As you constantly growing and changing, the task of uniting and effectively communicating with people becomes increasingly challenging. The Catalyser phase exists to understand and encourage individuals to unveil the best versions of themselves. Every decision is made with the intention of creating comfort and an eagerness to share, thereby fostering robust connections within safe, inclusive, and stimulating relationship environments. We prioritize the assembly of communities that value local partnerships, empathy, and emotional intelligence. Given the increasing prevalence of mental health challenges in our society, we advocate for an optimal approach to our daily technologies, social media platforms, campaigns, and analytical tools. Our aim is to address these social challenges by connecting individuals to the communities we've cultivated through our original approach. This approach meets individuals' needs for closeness, inclusivity, safety, and authenticity. If you're seeking to build a community, the Catalyser is here for you.
Unit of measurement for luminous intensity, the most human units of the International System of Units.
Here, you energy will speak
for your identity.

We believe that simply deploying a creative identity and branding strategy for marketing won't provide long-term benefits. During the La Candela phase, we know that it is our relationships with ourselves that will shape the identity of our mission. That's why we're prioritizing listening, understanding, and fostering relationships in a secure environment. We aim to identify and acknowledge strengths and weaknesses as opportunities to align them with your personal values to make informed decisions that consistently enhance your identity. Similar to how DNA is composed of nucleotides, our approach involves delving into understanding your project's identity. We target and connect various elements that form the core of your identity, ensuring they resonate every time you communicate.
A spectrogram is a visual representation of the spectrum of frequencies of a signal as it varies with time.
Who ya' gon' call ?

We make time for consulting. The challenge for large companies or any project, whether small or large in scale, is not so much the business model as ensuring that everyone stays aligned and communicates. If you need to discuss or analyze sequences, strategies, and communication, meet our skills, expertise, and approach through the Prism Spectrogram.

Their words.

"A true Swiss knife, it's in action that Maxime has revealed himself. He showed himself to be exponentially elastic."


"Sensibility in communication whatever the audience presented with. The dedication and ability to propose solutions on different levels make him an invaluable asset."


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